I have been on hiatus.  2016 was a challenging year for me, but I am back.  This go I am back with a personal goal of writing more and journaling my experiences, not just photographing it.  In art school, I was taught that if your work cannot stand on its own without your words you have failed.  That idea has stuck with me far to long and I have used it as a crutch to keep me from writing; which I dislike very much.  Rules are made to be broken so this year I will be pushing myself to write more.  Writing about my photographs is not so to explain them but rather to add to them.  This is “Word”Press after all.

Part of my hiatus was due to loosing my watermark.  I had a computer issue and lost mine.  Luckily I am good about backing up my photos/videos and other important files; unfortunately it did not occur to me to back that up.  So, friendly reminder to all, if you make a custom watermark be sure to back it up somewhere on a different computer or storage device separate from your primary computer.

After searching every old photo trying to find one I could pull my watermark from, procrastinating far to long, I finally made a new one.  Now the watermark issue is out of the way I have started working on loading up older photos from the past year that I have been wanting to share.  I of course have some local Florida photos but I also have been taking my camera with me on business trips more often.  I also was fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii this year, though did not get to do near as much birding as I wanted while in Hawaii there was just to much to do while we were there.  Guess I will have to go back to Hawaii.