On a recent trip down to Lake Seminole Park, I spotted this little fellow tucked away in the creek area.  I almost missed him as I was driving around the park and he was so still.  Even when I walked up to take a few photographs he didn’t budge.  I got the sense, this sly heron thought I was a Tyrannosaurs Rex and my vision was based on movement (Jurassic Park movie reference intended).

DSC06309 Yellow-crowned Night Heron.jpg

Don’t move and the scary bird photographer can’t see you to eat you. 
– Mr Yellow-crowned Night Heron

He stood still for so long that I decided I might try my hand at taking a video of him.  Unfortunately he didn’t do anything all that amazing, though it looked like he was still trying to swallow his last victim. Sadly I did not get that video. Let me know what you think.


Seminole Lake Park has turned out to be a go to place to go birding for me that is pretty close by.  It has been a couple weeks since my last trip over there.  Time to charge up the camera batteries and head on over.  My “Future WordPress Photo Bank” is almost dried up.