Earlier this week I received some feedback that one of my photos did not “Click to enlarge” from one of my more active followers, Houston Photo Journey, AKA “Max’s Human.  After thinking about this interaction and wanting more of it I decided to write a blog post about this, because I genuinely want feedback and constructive criticism.

To understand my openness to criticism, a little information on my background might be helpful.  I graduated from Memphis College of Art (MCA) with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting with a minor in Art History and Surface Design.  If you haven’t been to an art school or taken an art class, you may not know that critiques are part of the process every week.  Every week your work goes up on the wall and the teacher facilitates a discussion/critique of your work.  The first few times you do this it is terrifying, however after that initial shock is over you begin to realize the classroom is in it together and there is great growth, learning and affirmation in this process.  As the class goes on and everyone becomes more comfortable giving and receiving critiques what happens is the feedback happens daily and the class as a whole begins to learn and grow faster.  By the end of the school semester what was created was a miniature working community.

I see Word Press as a community and in many ways like my classmates at Art School.  I am excited for your critique on my work.  My website, my photo composition, photo editing, journal entries, grammar and anything that is missing that feels like it should be there.

This blogging thing is new to me and outside my comfort zone, but the more I liken it to my experience at MCA, the more I’m getting used to the idea of pushing myself to try new things and learn more about Word Press.  So please, pretty please, leave your feedback or critique in the comments.   Let’s have some discussion.